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Every now and then I’d encounter these men on business trips to Tashkent.

Shifty and squirrelly, I never had to ask them why they were going to Tashkent—it was totally obvious.

When I lived in Virginia I had a Mexican friend, who had attended UChicago for grad school.

One day she told me proudly, “When we girls from Latin America showed up, we got all the male attention much to the disappointment of the American girls. The next semester several girls from Russia and Ukraine showed up.” It was a Thursday night and I had arrived early to a first date at a trendy lounge in Arlington.

It was a bright sunny morning in November 2008 and our plane was slowly beginning its descent towards snowy Lviv.

I was a bundle of nerves and adrenaline, hyped up on several cups of bad airline coffee.

You see, in my mind that cliché always conjures up the image of a middle-aged loser, a guy who’s short on social skills and good looks, with a high ickiness factor, a borderline pedophile, and if you were a kid playing ball near his house you wouldn’t dare retrieve the ball if it landed in his yard.It’s more accurate to say that Western countries have a dating culture, while Ukraine has a marriage culture, although this is changing.Sure in Lviv, we can still joke about try halochky halychanky (“three check boxes for a Galician girl”)—finish university, get married, have a child— the end.Last summer a buddy of mine experienced an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction” that resembled the medical warning for Cialis.That will teach him not to eat too much Turkish mesir macanu before heading to a pool club in Ukraine.

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