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As a result, several resources and money are utilized to promote science, research, groups, communities, viewpoints only from a binary gender perspective.While for centuries, the existence of “third gender” is widely accepted in South Asian cultures like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and other places like Phillipines, Oman and so on.The reigning queen of Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the “Baroness” Titti Von Tramp, a deeply bronzed, thoroughly waxed and statuesque figure approaching seven feet tall in stiletto heels, wearing tinted couture glasses and crowned with a perfect platinum mane.It is a brave and honest person who can stand apart from the masses and openly challenge its most treasured beliefs. Secrecy and stigma are worse than the condition itself.As a human being, everyone deserves a feeling of “belonging”, understanding and acceptance.Without recognition of the truth, how will an intersex person marry legally or how can an intersex couple (who are infertile) adopt a child legally or have a child through in vitro fertilization (IVF) legally?Contrary to popular belief, the binary gender approach is impeding progress in freedom of expression as noted by a famous Nepal activist and politician.Giving the ability to a person to identify themselves freely gives them the chance to say the truth.

The western narrative of binary gender could overshadow the cultural diversities and the viewpoints of others in the world who believe in the “third gender” and respect it.

Gender identity and sex identity are biological, cultural or biocultural?

The western culture and laws have a narrative of binary gender – male or female.

With globalization occurring at a faster pace than ever before, it is important to account for everyone’s voice to be heard and be respected and not just the loudest voice in the room.

It also so happens the South Asian countries happen to be some of the most populous in the world and statistically would have more “third gender” persons. Non-western cultures have accepted the truth as nature delivers for centuries instead of forcing people to use a strategy of secrecy and lying. Shouldn’t we be working towards an environment that fosters saying the truth? The binary gender viewpoint assumes there are only two genders in the world – male or female.

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