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I do find girls my age very attractive, but what I feel for older women is more intense.

, wrapped in a comfy duvet then having a shower with scented shampoo before drying yourself in a big fluffy towel and using a hairdryer to actually style your hair instead of letting it hang wet. You get to meet both men and women and you may even have a romantic encounter or two, but sometimes we just get the urge to hang around in our pj’s, eat chocolate and have a girly chat, and being surrounded by men just doesn’t kick it.

But it doesn’t stop there: as well as a pool, there’s even a sauna. Are you traveling with your friends to Florence and looking for a Female Dorm? With 24 hour security, full length mirrors and even complimentary sweets (yes they have thought of everything), this girly hostel is enough to make you want to forget about sightseeing and stay in to make the most of all the facilities.

As well as an extensive DVD collection with classic chic flicks, there’s even a yoga mat for some stretching too.

I do find men sexually attractive though and often seek their admiration but I dont know if I could fall in love with one?

I like the idea of lying in bed with a guys arms wrapped around me but i cant imagine feelings the kind of love that I've felt for women.

I dont have any mother issues and i just cant understand my orientation but the intensity of my feelings for the woman i loved was so much more than sexual and really it broke my heart so i cant ignore it. I'm in the same situation as you in fact, around people my own age I'm fine, but when it comes to older men whom I admire, or am attracted to, I get nervous and all sort of weird things happen.However I've only had intense feelings and love for women much older than me.When I was 5 i felt very emotionally attatched to a school teacher, and again when I was 11. At 15 I met a woman who was in her forties, straight and married and i accidentally fell in love with her and still have intense feelings for her to this day despite doing my best to not see her.What you described happened to me too, and, you know, it's not such a common thing. Send me a private message if you want, so I can give you my facebook account or my email address. Bye everything you just said i completely relate to.i like guys too but ive always have a stronger emotional attachment to woman, especially older ones.

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