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The questions are split up into categories such as Attractions, Past & Future, Money, Pets, Sex, and tons more. Okay, so maybe Frank doesn’t like this one so much…

You’ll learn so much about each other, stuff you never knew and/or never thought to ask. If you’re easily offended by vulgar language, this site isn’t for you. Hoochy Mail is a website where you enter information and it automatically generates a story with your names in a Mad Lib type fashion.

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Here are some other picture related ideas: I wanted to do this with Frank, but he’s lazy.

On a side note, by going through this e-book together, it will make it easy to bring up difficult questions you may have wanted to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend but were afraid to ask. You choose the story level: sexy, x-rated, or off the wall.

are bracelets Frank and I created for long distance couples. I know you’ve probably seen this suggestion before. I did this for Frank, and cried laughing reading the story the website generated.

So I got this book and Frank and I spent hours one night asking each other the questions.

It was so memorable, and we had more fun than what we had in a long time.

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