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The only consolation are the beautiful locales in Thailand, which are far more appealing and interesting than the film itself.Even then, they still serve as a reminder of what the film could’ve been doing to make it stand out.To top it off, the payoff results in a blood splatter on the curtains. Characters that we’re supposed to care about like Allie (played by Tammin Sursock, who kind of looks like Kate Beckinsale) are underdeveloped or have multiple personalities, acting one way in one scene and then acting completely different in the next.The horrible dialogue doesn’t make things any easier.We’re far from the glory days of the slasher genre.And while some people (Hollywood included) would rather drop the genre completely, there are others who would still want to pursue it.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling flash, uninstalling reinstall chrome, different browers..the problem only exists in adobe flash.

I suppose that the screenwriters were aiming to say something about the dangers of the internet, but instead decided to make a heavy-handed after school special with the message that once you start using the internet, you’ll end up making amateur porn and die soon after. Even that is done in a halfhearted way, as if they had an extreme reluctance to show nudity.

Even the opening sequence with a bunch of extras doing whatever was more provocative than this clearly lame attempt at being real. The film could’ve gone in so many directions, but instead bumbled along, apathetically trying to make the viewer care.

Video/Audio: Presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, Cam2Cam looks acceptable for an independent release.

Detail is adequate throughout, with bright colours and accurate fleshtones.

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