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Keys have been the star-find of the period, with a small bronze one and a rather chunky iron one being unearthed. The goal is near, and soon the road will be fully exposed, ready to be prepared for the winter.In the process several bags of sherds and bone have been produced, keeping our post excavation team more than busy.fort, c AD105-120 were gradually and carefully taken apart below building XXX to reveal very different spaces in the periods of occupation below and it was from this earlier occupation at the site that the most information has been forthcoming.It is likely that the decent from the c AD105-120 buildings into earlier structures also marked a journey through a very different use of space and associated cleaning regimes.During its excavation, it emerged how the size of the road developed and changed through the centuries.

We left you with the promise of some spectacular aerial views of the site from Adam Stanford’s Aerial Cam, and here is a preview of the fine results achieved during the recording week.

The last of the period IV fort structures, carefully recorded and mapped out will be removed to look at the even earlier forts and then the natural landscape of Vindolanda will be explored.

The pre-Roman farmers field, and with a little bit of luck we may discover a sign of pre-Roman occupation or very early Roman activity and how it impacted the natural landscape of the site.

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Therefore the team were delighted to pick up the posts and wattle and daub of the period II fort below the possible barracks of the Batavian fort above (c AD97-105). We are continuing to explore below the last of the Severan fort and town buildings and have yet to locate the toilet which was associated with the star find of last years excavation, the wooden toilet seat.

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