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Abalizo Do not act before receiving our letter (of ). Abalizar Claim to be acting according to instructions (from ^^ Abalizaron Delay acting if possible. Cable Address: Fourbank THE LITERATURE OF THE INDUSTRIES AND BUSINESS On our shelves is the most complete stock of techni- cal, industrial, engineering and scientific books in the United States. 00440 Aardveil This party says the account is not due (until ). 00442 Aardvloo Up to what date are accounts made up ? SHAW, Jr., Assistant Cashiers Capital Fully Paid - - ,000,000 Shareholders' Liability ,000,000 Surplus and Profits - ,880,000 Bills of Exchange issued and Telegraphic Transfers made to all parts of the world. Act as Agents for Foreign Banks to draw on the United States. A large number of these we publish and for an ever increasing number we are the sole agents. C.) TELEGRAMS: sredit Cable' CHARTERED BANK of INDIA, AUSTRALIA and CHINA 38, BISHOPSGATE, LONDON, E.

00451 Aardzwam Why have we not received itemized account requested ; must have it at once?

Aasvlieg " make allowance (on account of 1 Aasvogel Entirely on account of .

" " make allowance (on account of —'), Aasseite Cannot account for .

Abaissant " as you tliink best (in the matter of \ Abaisses " for us in tlie matter.

Abalanzo Acting under instructions (from ") (ol — '""^i Abalaron Are acting (for ).

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Abadernar Slightly acquainted (with ) Abadessa Wish to make the acquaintance (of ).

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