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The birds-and-bees chat is a must between parent and son.

It may be that a boy, or his partner, has religious beliefs that shape attitudes about premarital sex. However, the decision to have sex should be that of the son and his partner.Both partners must know what constitutes ‘safe sex’ and know how to practise it.Boys need to be able to pass the theory before taking the practical.It is also as well for a boy to be reminded that a well-executed kiss can be infinitely more arousing for a girl than a grope. He needs to know what goes into what and what can happen if it does.There are lots of mistruths out there, such as not being able to contract an STD via oral sex and not being able to get a girl pregnant if you have sex standing up.

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However, a boy needs to be strongly counselled not to use any of the following sorts of lines: If there is any hint of pressure, any suggestion that any party is not certain it is right, then it is not right … If a boy does not know his partner well, then it may be unwise to engage in sex with them.

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