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And don’t let complex website terminology intimidate you into thinking the designer is a wizard!Designers, whether they be website designers or graphic designers, are essentially artists by nature. A lot of designers fail to really understand the purpose of having a website. No, the purpose of a website is to sell something, either your services or your product. CMS stands for Content Management System, and basically what it is, is a program that allows you to easily manage and update your website on your own.

Better still, why would someone pay -10k for a wedding photographer if you can get decent looking pictures for “free” having your friend take pictures on a nice SLR camera? a just good enough website could be a difference that amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

The site itself will probably have a pretty generic look to it.

And worst of all, after all the up-sells they give you for extra pages, and email account, a CMS, contact form and all the other stuff, you’ll probably end up paying way more than the advertised price.

Here are some common ways I see people trying to save money on their website, and the pitfalls that come with it.

I use “free” in quotes because I want to emphasize that everything has a cost even if it’s free.

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People can often be superstitious and easily intimidated into believing that website designers have magical powers when they don’t. There are no secret or advanced programs for design.

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