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Our tests are based not only on government and industry standards but also on standards our specialists think should apply, which re-create the experience you will have with the product.As the digital-camera market matures, consumers are benefiting from more and better choices in camera size and capability.However, there are still many people who prefer to use a dedicated camera for their computers.Gamers who stream gameplay for followers online typically use a webcam other than the one built into the monitor. One, they’re not having a direct conversation with their audience and so the head-on view of a monitor camera would be inappropriate.Some models may have different scores than what was previously shown. Recommended models stand out for their combination of price and performance, or other reasons noted.

Based on data from our latest subscriber survey, Fujifilm, Olympus, Canon, Sony, and Nikon have been very reliable SLR brands for the past few years. Recommended models consider factors such as price and availability. There are hundreds of cameras available at many different types of retail outlets (online and in traditional stores), with prices ranging from to several thousand dollars. Others look like you need an engineering degree to operate them.

In recent years, however, built-in HD webcams have become a standard feature in almost all new laptops and smartphones.

For this reason, the selection of webcams has dwindled.

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The top performers in our review are Logitech HD Pro C920, the Gold Award winner; Logitech HD C615, the Silver Award winner; and Genius Wide Cam F100, the Bronze Award winner.

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