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I do have a story from a couple of years ago when I did step in to break up a fight between a western guy and his Thai girlfriend. A Western guy was arguing with his Thai girlfriend and eventually started slapping her around a little bit right there at the bar.So I stepped in to break it up, as I did all the bar staff rushed to me to stop me from confronting the guy and getting involved.

It was the heart of the Thai capital’s red light district. “If felt like I was in the lion’s den and everybody has a little Skywalker in them.” The name is to protect him from those he investigates.You can see the guy was incessantly shouting ‘WHY WHY WHY’ over again.From talking with other Westerners at the scene, it appeared his wife ripped him off from his money.Prime time Thai soap operas regularly show men hitting women, women hitting women, and also rape and incest stories are ran without outcry.Cinema age ratings for violent films are virtually non-existent.

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