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Hackers have stolen 2.2 million emails and 287,000 cell numbers from popular teen quiz app Wishbone.US to charge 4 hackers in massive Yahoo data breach.You can use complex passwords and two-factor authentication all you want — all it takes is a low-level representative trying to be helpful and your account information is now compromised.In this case, a bad actor was able to use Amazon's online chat support and a fake address to get the rep to tell him Springer's real address and phone number.Springer writes, "At this point, Amazon has completely betrayed my trust three times.I have done absolutely everything in my power to secure my account, but it's hopeless.Researchers demonstrate how sound waves can hack your smartphone.Fappening 2.0: Second round of private photos of celebrities being leaked online.

DOJ dismissed child porn case to keep Tor hack source code secret.

That was enough to commit fraud with a couple of unrelated online services.

Springer complained, but months later the same thing happened again.

New dark web scheme lets wannabe cybercriminals get in on ransomware for free.

Wiki Leaks published a new set of documents on CIA hacking tools.

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