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His eyes darted from face to face: three in total, two women and one man, each of whom couldn’t have…December 24th, 2016.The halls of Site-59 were quiet, thanks to the elaborate network of layered soundproofing and noise-cancelling magnetic grids established for Cell 2337.He took a deep breath, and then…There was a vast machine; a clattering and rattling, clanking and clicking, ticking and tocking machine.Its skeleton was plastic and tin, its veins were rubber tubes, its nerves were glass.He knew that a lab coat gave a man the idea that he could do things…Most days, I wish I hadn't been given the ability to do anything for myself.

The squad split to opposite sides of the street at the head of the block.When you come across it, half-buried in the grass by the side of the walking path, the first thing that stands out is how comically out-of-place it is.The hideous ochre rust that adorns its surface is…We didn't mean for it to end like this.He inhales and exhales at a pace and intensity not unlike a buffalo mid-coitus.Of course, it isn't like anyone can hear him, given that the building is screaming while red lights strobe the corridor….

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The Great Leader (the second Great Leader, which was strange considering the old one seemed sure he'd live forever)…I miss the children. Every piece of paper on the desk was stacked neatly into three vertical piles, each the same height.

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