They haven't been around too long, but I hear they've been using Alder for their guitars.

I wonder if that'll replace the "time tested" formula of a good guitar at some point, once they've been around a little bit longer and the name gets out there..

Additionally, because mahogany is a hardwood, it compresses the tone of a guitar.

That's why mahogany guitars seem to have so much sustain. Some mahogany guitars are made of a very thick slab (I'm specifically referring to LP's) that is meant to resonate for a loooong time. Thinner mahogany bodies don't seem to have this problem. Alder strats (with a pick guard) tend to sound nasal in a metal setting. I used an alder strat for high gain metal for a while, and while it rewarded chord complexity, it was punishingly sloppy sounding when playing fast palm-muted runs...although this can be compensated with the right pickups.

Petrucci, Vai, Satriani, Gilbert, etc may not be an "elitists," but for some reason all of their signature guitars are made from basswood. they must be totally uninformed about the suckiness of basswood I've played many guitars made of many different woods.Sometimes those woods sound the same as others and sometimes they are different sounding.There's a little company called Fenger or something that makes a straticoaster or some such.I'm not sure how you can say fender has been supported by "a few" player legends, either.. I do, however, respect the fact that many quality guitars are NOT made out of mohagany. Its sounds really damn fine, with a lot of bite, and excellent sustain. I'd love to have the funds to piss about with different combinations of woods, or at least have a decent shop that has all the different woods.quite a LOT of guitar legends, even current ones (Yngwie? I think it's laughable how many here think that's the only good wood for a guitar. For me a mahognay body is nice though, I like the weight and imo it gives really nice sustain.

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Thats pretty standard I think for a quality built guitar.

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