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Mountain Bikers in Georgia, Micro-Stock Traders, Nature photographers, Latin cooking, etc.) Ask any teenager and they will tell you how life cannot go on without such wonders.Unfortunately, there are chat sites and rooms abundant for those looking to discuss sex, sexual encounters, infidelity and meeting other cheaters. Whenever I’m feeling down and out, I head on over to YA to cheer myself up. This question is by far the most heartbreaking on this list.The level of WTF-edness over there is just endless. I want to reach through the computer and hug this woman for all she’s been through.Although this is not a common form of affair, it is happening everyday with normal people who somehow end up being attracted to this type of environment.Some of the more commonly used chat rooms at and There are also countless numbers of adult related chat sites that people can sign up with to chat with other adults looking for sexual related interaction. There are even some "dating" sites that allow Married adults to find other Married adults that are interested in affairs.How it works: The members type something, others respond immediately, back and forth.Many of these chat rooms are great, especially for special interest groups (i.e.

If your spouse or loved one is cheating on you and carrying on the relationship over the internet, we STRONGLY recommend that you consider handling things yourself and install one of these discreet software programs to get your own proof. You don’t need to be a programmer or high end computer user.

Here is one example of these "cheater-looking-for-cheater" kinds of sites:

These sites can range from very general to very topic specific (i.e.

They tell sex stories to one another and simulate having sex by describing what they are doing to one another, etc., while stimulating themselves.

Sometimes they share movies over the web and describing their fantasies.

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