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I did nights for years..really screws your system up.

Sleep is important for health and shift workers are the most sleep deprived group there is. Nights should always be paid a premium, as should evening work. With this 24 working hours going for a lot of jobs, we need to be compensated for taking time away form our families, etc. Maybe things should be worked pover a bit to make it much easier for employers to actually do their business during normal business hours and evening work paid at 1 and a half the day rate and nights double. A lot of part timers and students could get a better rate of pay in this way and thos ewho really want the money can make arrangements to work the premium hours.No strings dating involves a commitment-free meetup where there are no obligations: the emphasis is on having fun.This is obviously critical in any affair, as the moment one person becomes too attached, the dynamic changes and the other person can begin to feel trapped.It's well worth making time for these great folks; ya can never have too many friends, I believe! No two people have the same needs or priorities; maybe you're just not wired for night work! Here's my thinking: There's all the world of difference between someone who's an who's a grownup.Perhaps you'll find yourself something in the same line of work to do during the daylight hours...listen to that 'still, small voice' inside you that tells you the important things, I bet you'll do spiffingly! As my profile says, balance is my priority in life, and for me, keeping a little of a child-like (NOT to be confused with child-ish! and unfortunatly my work checks up on our internet logs quite a bit so this isn't a site for me to be on I use this for when I can't sleep during the day..

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  1. They are trained to dodge your queries and they only know to ask for an allowance of 00 - 00 and $#*! I've read articles about women training other SB's on how to rob a man and that princesses should be spoilt.