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The entire Dating DNA site is “G Rated.” This means any of the public areas must not contain anything offensive to a “general audience.” (No nude or suggestive photos, no profanity or adult language in the forums and chat rooms, etc.) For example, our Forums and Chat Rooms have a filter to screen out potentially offensive, non-G rated language.

e Harmony didn’t let just anyone join their site, and they “rejected” a good number of applicants.First, let me address why Dating DNA only allows adults, 18 and older to join: In many states, the “age of consent” is 18.Because we are a dating site with the intention of helping people meet for dating and relationships, we don’t think it’s appropriate to mix minors and adults together.jumped on this to poke fun at e Harmony with a series of commercials.Many spoofs cropped up on You Tube about e Harmony’s policy of rejecting users.

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Suppose a creepy old pervert peeks his head into the doorway of two clubs that are right next to each other.

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