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After a falling-out over a vitriolic chat log with a phone verifier in 2004, Fencepost was dismissed from the site."Xavier became much more oriented toward getting pedophiles arrested rather than just making them complete social pariahs in their neighborhood," says Fencepost.Since July 2004 when they facilitated their first conviction, the site's operators switched to a policy of cold calling local police with the information they obtained.If a government agency is interested (police, FBI, military CID, etc.) then the chatlog and other information is not posted to the site until after a conviction has been reached.The volunteers' public profiles have youthful-sounding usernames, young ages, and pictures of children.The administrators of the site say they do not initiate online contact with the users, If a user starts chatting to the volunteer and turns the conversation to sex, the volunteer responds positively and encourages them to divulge personal details, particularly a telephone number, ostensibly needed to verify their identity so that a meeting can be arranged.After obtaining identifying information of adults posing as minors, who may offer their telephone numbers and other details so that meetings can be arranged, the organization passes the information on to law enforcement.

In November 2006, after the site's 100th conviction, Perverted-Justice announced that chat logs would no longer be posted unless law enforcement was involved first, as "Information First" agreements were sufficient to cover most U. The current follow-up process consists of notifying a community of the offender's status once a person has been arrested and convicted.

"The media likes to use the term 'vigilante' because it gets attention, but we don't consider ourselves vigilantes.

We cultivate cooperation with police and work within the law to get justice, not outside of the law." Perverted-Justice functions by supporting volunteers who act as informants in chat rooms where children and minors can typically be found.

The first of these events were conducted in late 2003, in co-operation with investigative reporter John Mercure at Milwaukee's WTMJ-TV, whom the site credits with initially conceiving the concept.

Similar events with other local news organizations took place in the following months.

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The group contends that not one entrapment defense has worked in a case with evidence brought by the organization.

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