A random women masturbate

Since I already know what the guys would do there is no need to make this a dual gender question.

You know, if it was a female masturbating, yada, yada, what would you do.......... Let's say that you're picking up the kids toys in the back yard and you happen to look into your neighbors bathroom window. My first reaction, caught unaware to this scene, would be shock and slight fear.

If it were our neighbors, I'd rush in to the house to scrub my eyes with bleach and steel wool. And I don't agree with your base assumption that all guys would watch gals "tickling the ivory".

(Our neighbors are NOT the sort of people you want to ever see naked or think of as sexual beings, trust me.) If it were my husband, I'd wander off to see what was on television. I would be somewhat embarassed to catch a strange woman out doing this.

Maybe other girls don't agree, but I think watching a guy whack off is sexy. Levins awhile to overcome his Catholic upbringing, but eventually I convinced him, too.

The only reason I wouldn't look is if I had any hint that he knew I was watching, or that that was his goal in doing it.

It's like watching someone eat or pee or brush their teeth--part of just about everybody's life, and a fairly boring part at that.

If we're talking random stranger whose house I happen to be passing, I'd keep walking.

I'd probably have to cover my mouth to stifle the surprised laughter, then walk in the opposite direction. FB The preceding post is the opinion of but one black gal and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of other blacks. Terms and conditions subject to change without prior notification. I came home from work early, and apparently rather quietly, because he didn't seem to notice that I was home.My neighbor on the second floor and her boyfriend told me that they made loud comments outside to let him know that they saw him naked...he never acknowledged it by putting on clothes or adjusting the mini-blinds.I was probably the only one who saw the whole show If I had to guess, I'd say he was more clueless than exhibitionist.Then I'd probably tell my best friend or husband about it and we'd have a laugh. Hmm, reading the title, I was thinking more of the situation depicted in Fast Times at Ridgemont High... For some reason, he thinks it's sexy to watch me, but insists I shouldn't even want to watch him. Lord knows he's watched me do it enough that I deserve one instance of turn about being fair play. All information in the preceding post is provided "as is", with no guarantee of accuracy, completeness or timeliness. I walked upstairs into our bedroom, which had no door, and found him enjoying himself along with a porn flick and bottle of my body lotion.it sounds mean, but it's like getting *whitewalled in public. where a female walks in and suprises the onanist, leaving no doubt in the mind of either as to the act being committed, the intent of either party, or the assumed privacy. bonus points if the onanist is fantasizing about the female who interrupts him. Here's how it went: Him: Me: "Oops, sorry." I backed out of the room and went back downstairs.

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