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Kelly Bragwell said he was leaving his mother's home on Franklin 41 Friday afternoon when he saw a school bus zoom by.“I knew the roads because I have lived there my whole life. I looked down at my speedometer and seen how fast they were going and I just grabbed it up as an instinct I guess,” explained Bragwell. The ensuing video has gotten more than 50,000 online views.“I knew if I posted it, somehow they would see it.” Bragwell said the bus was full of kids from Belgreen School.The speed limit on Franklin 41 is 35 miles per hour.Power said she can’t recall any other Twinsburg drivers cited for speeding in her time with the district.“I'm very sorry that happened, and we'll continue to look at our processes, remind our employees, provide professional development to ensure that employees are acting in the most safe manner to ensure the safety and well-being of our students,” she said. -- School authorities in Lincolnshire, Illinois, are investigating a school bus beating that was uploaded to social media this week.

There’s no word on whether or not the driver is still on the job.

(CBS) — A fight on a school bus in the northern suburbs sends one girl to the hospital and another to the police department.

The incident happened Monday on a bus transporting Stevenson High School students in Lincolnshire.

“That’s to and from school and that’s a top priority for us.” Hamilton said it’s alarming to see the video, but he won’t pass judgment until he has all the facts.

“Any time there is a question of safety, it would be alarming,” said Hamilton.

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