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It just goes to show the historical, religious, political, and social ignorances of the past still reside today in the minds of ppl today.Perhaps these things ignorances don't permeate the way that they used to.That same year, the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.Yet despite these experts and mounting evidence, schoolchildren were still subjected this film for many years to come.it was the best time of my life.i was 12 years old too. he lived down the block from me alone in a house he rented. I agree with that guy that said everyone leaving comments are fools of one ilk or another (as he was leaving a comment), and need to go to a ball game or fly a kite maybe? Loved the film by the way -- another Top Shelf example of how cruel the human race can be -- that shit always makes me laugh. He didn't resemble a "healthy" man to me -- any 8 year old I know could dispatch him with ease.

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While I would perhaps agree with anyone who may have commented already that any person that would have sex with another person against their will, in particularly a child, is basically evil, this short has more to do with homophobia than it does anything else. Do a video search, YT for example, for communism, evolution, sexuality, etc., and you will no doubt find videos that try to associate things that have nothing to do with one another.

A product of it's era no doubt, many films from this era would associate ideas that have nothing to do with something, and in this case pedophilia, with things that have realistically little or NO connection with whatsoever, such as communism. Religious fundamentalists, in particularly Christian fundamentalists in my experience, try to equate ideas that they have disdain for, communism for example, with homosexuality, pedophilia, evolution, pornography, gambling, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, socialism, interracial relationships, non-Christian religions, Catholicism, Mormonism, Judaism, etc.

Had it been mostly about avoiding strangers, then the male aspect is unnecessary.

The movie would have been called "Children Beware" since the dangers for boys and girls are pretty much the same. Heck, they could have even thrown in a line about gay pedophiles.

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But, the fact that they are more obscure and less common in a way makes them more dangerous, more insidious, and more nefarious!

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