2 way sex video chats

Yes, even when we’re chatting with someone we know.Fix: Higher quality lenses might fix the “surveillance” look and feel of video chatting.Fix: Mirror our video feed playback when we see it, that way we’re not creeped out by it.

If you’re government you could get away with it, if you’re a celebrity (Paris Hilton) a sex tape might even help your career, but for the rest of us leaked video would ruin careers and reputations for life.

We multi-task when we drive (which is stupid, don’t do it), when we’re on the phone, when we’re eating, so it’s only normal for us to want to do it when we’re video chatting.

Unfortunately that might offend the other party so we don’t.

In fact being under camera surveillance stresses people out because they’re constantly afraid of doing something wrong and it being recorded.

Add to that our obsession with wanting to be shown in the best possible light and you get a recipe for stress.

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  1. I was literally on tour for my entire relationship. It was actually the times between tours that I wasn't good at being in a relationship -- I was used to being on the road.