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I am 22 she is 17 turning 18 in 8 months (October).We talk a lot (texting) about our future, her future what she believes what is her plan for her future etc. I am interested on only going on dates with her I am not thinking on adding any sexual activities with her even after she turns 18.OTOH, using the rules followed by everybody else I know, you are truly the MAN and should go for it. Music is the most revealing area - he's hard rock and roll and I'm a little lighter. I know a 37yo guy who hangs out with a group of people whose average age is probably in the early 20s. He enjoys it, and I am a little envious perhaps, but I also think he should really grow the fuck up. At some age it all starts to average out and the differences don't mean as much. The entire point to a date is to find out if you'd like to spend more time with the person. The biggest issue I've found with wide age disparities is that the older person can tend to dominate the younger person - but it depends on the couple. Don't talk down, don't dismiss her ideas and feelings because she hasn't 'been there'. But you've still got two more to hit it out of the park. I was 22 when when I starting seeing my husband (he was 32). The only time I can recall it coming up in conversation is when we have a discussion about children's programmes, usually after watching scraping-the-barrel shows like "I *heart* 1971, 72, 73....

I said no to drugs before when I was between 13 to 17 years old. You can be charged for explicit text messages even if you're not having sex.One of my friends says that his boyfriend isn't robbing the cradle but he is farming the graveyard.Be prepared to have comebacks for the rude folk he says.I need to know that person well before I think of making love with someone.I searched the internet for " 22 years old going out or going on a date with a 17 years old " but everybody says better not because of "sex".

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